Design and build of data processing centres

Our technology, science and health experience in Spain

ISG provides design and construction services for data processing centres and technical rooms: Design includes the following works:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Location selection and management
  • RFP analysis
  • TIER classification consultancy
  • LEED certification approach
  • Distribution preliminary plans and versions
  • Basic project
  • Performance projects:
    - Architecture and civil works.
    - Electrical installations.
    - Mechanical facilities.
    - Fire protection facilities.
    - Safety facilities.
  • Health and safety projects
  • License application and achievement.

Contracting models

ISG manages the entire project, from the beginning, to delivery of the datacentre, to ensuring our client is ready to host IT equipment, always under a planned commitment.

A) Existing datacentres

  • Purchase of the current datacentre
  • Audit
  • Implement energy-optimisation measures. PUE<1.5
  • Datacentre rent for 10-to-15-to-20 years
  • Included services:
    - Installation maintenance
    - Datacentre effectiveness
    - IT operations

B) New datacentres

  • Location selection
  • Design and construction
  • Datacentre rent for 10-to-15-to-20 years 
  • Included services:
    - Installation maintenance
    - Guaranteed-price energy
    - IT operations

Our work

The works developed by ISG are as follows:

ISG studies various air conditioning systems and is always looking for the best technical and economic option adapted to the data processing centre.

The type of system is based on size, space availability, access, geographical location and other factors.

  • Air-refrigerated direct expansion systems
  • Water-refrigerated direct expansion systems (dry cooler)
  • Water-cooling systems with free cooling option
  • Mixed systems with separate cooling units, direct expansion and water system
  • Indirect free cooling systems, through exchangers
  • Direct air free cooling systems
  • Absorption-machine water systems