Juan José López

Project Director

Juanjo has an admirable aptitude for teamwork and has the necessary tools to work under pressure. He always takes into account the wider project picture and programme, and with this perspective, he is successful at achieving optimum results on time, on budget and to the quality required.

He is also good at establishing strong relationships between the different project partners, creating a professional but close atmosphere.

His exemplary background, of more than 25 years in the construction industry, boasts an abundance of elaborate, large-scale projects throughout Europe. Since he joined ISG as operations director in 2012, he has overseen projects in Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and the Czech Republic. 

Currently, as operations director for ISG in Iberia, Juanjo continues to collect positive client comments and accomplishments, from great projects such as the Red Hat and Cerner Offices, to various Nike shops, the Sevilla Factory and Intu Asturias shopping centre.