Leading digital transformation in construction, with ISG

24 May 2018

Leading digital transformation in construction, with ISG

With digitalisation a hot topic in the construction industry, ISG’s technology lead has shed light on how the company is taking the lead when it comes to digital transformation.

Talking to Dropbox’s business blog website, John Bromilow, ISG’s group technology director, discussed the challenges presented by digitalisation and providing access to the right data at the right time, issues of particular prominence in the construction industry with its mobile workforce and complex supply chain. 

“With over two thirds of our workforce on site, we have to find a way to enable the smooth flow of data between critical applications in the cloud to improve our productivity on site,” he said

Connecting up data, technology and workers on site is crucial not only in improving productivity, but also ensuring that customers receive even better results, said John.

“Digital technologies are fundamental to our pre-construction and management processes, but out on site is where we have traditionally seen a disconnect with technology.”

John continued: “We know from our own trials with innovative systems and applications that technology can bring huge benefits to the way people work on site.”

“What is clear is that using digital solutions and technology brings efficiencies to our operations, which translates into better outcomes for our customers.”

John also registered that if construction companies are to shift the mindset when it comes to embracing technology and embarking on a digitalisation journey, the importance of effective internal communication and education cannot be underestimated.

“Internal communication is critical to the success of any project – if you cannot justify the benefit of technology implementation to those you expect to adopt it, then you will always struggle to get buy in,” he said.

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