ISG’s ‘mega-shed’ expertise profiled by Construction News

13 September 2018

ISG’s ‘mega-shed’ expertise profiled by Construction News

ISG’s expertise in delivering large distribution centres has been profiled by Construction News, in a story detailing the growth in this important sector of the wider retail market.

Reporter, Binyamin Ali, showcases ISG’s international capability in this burgeoning sector, as well as the high value of work it has successfully delivered for more than 15 years.

Kevin Dengate, managing director for ISG’s retail business, shines a light on the similarities between hyper-scale datacentres and vast warehouse projects as part of the feature. 

ISG’s standing in the retail sector has left it well placed to take advantage of this rise in demand for large distribution centre projects, as its retail customers respond to a rise in internet shopping.

As a result, highly engineered distribution and warehouse projects now account for a huge percentage of ISG's global workload – now representing over 50% of its annual turnover.

“We’ve been able to develop a very positive skillset to exploit this area of really solid growth,” says Kevin.

“We’ve seen an increase in the last couple of years [but] we’ve been looking at this at ISG in the last three years – that’s when it’s really started to gain some real traction.”

Datacentres have traditionally been considered more sophisticated projects than distribution centres, but in actuality, mega-sheds require real expertise to deliver, says Kevin.

“They are big sheds, but the movement of goods and the robotics that goes into them is very important,” he explains.

“We use BIM to model these buildings to ensure they are getting all the space they need [for] services spaces, movement spaces, robotics spaces – there’s a lot that goes into them.”

ISG’s ability to build strong, lasting relationships with its retail customers has allowed it to concentrate on repeat business and referrals, continues Kevin.

“The important thing for us is to secure customers and retain them for the next 15-20 years, which is what we’ve done,” he says. 

“It’s about long-term relationships and long-term support for these customers as they move with their markets.”

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