Case Study - Hôtel Splendide Royal, Paris, France

Project data

  • Customer
  • Roberto Naldi Collection
  • Value
  • €3.5m
  • Programme duration
  • 56 weeks
  • Completion date
  • September 2016
  • Project Manager
  • ISG


ISG’s creation of 12 luxury suites at the Hôtel Splendide Royal on Paris’ famous rue du Cirque – only five minutes from the Élysée Palace – required major structural and electrical upgrades.

Our team designed the floor plans for the hotel that hosts two deluxe suites on each of its six floors, with a balcony on the fifth floor boasting views of the Eiffel Tower.

Hotel Splendide Royal Paris suite - ISG
Hotel Splendide Royal Paris bedroom fit out - ISG

The project

The clients desire for two suites on each of the six floors was difficult to deliver, as the building is narrower at the top. The team devised a way to include two suites, with the addition of a HVAC room on the sixth floor, which greatly pleased our customer.

The client also expressed a wish to have higher ceilings, so ISG reconfigured the slab and staircases to gain extra height in the suites.  


The team started with restoring the building’s façade and demolition works, while the elevator shaft, walls, false ceilings and floors and the central staircase were all removed. After this, we installed a new elevator shaft and structurally reinforced the building’s floors. 

ISG delivered the flooring and the partitions in the hotel and transformed the façade of the building while adhering to the Haussmann-style that is unique to Paris. 

ISG carried out extensive works on the façade of the building: behind the stone façade lay old wood dating back to the 19th century, which ISG removed and replaced with new wood. To revive the old façade of the building, instead of using the standard chiselling method that is normally used, ISG used a special Intaglio printing method which gave magnificent results.

Hotel Splendide Royal Paris bedroom fit out - ISG